General Aviation (GA) is defined by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as “all civil avaition operations other than scheduled air services and non-scheduled air transport operations for remuneration hire”.


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About Us

General aviation is not a commonly used term outside of pilot community, yet it encompasses the most diverse flying activity in the Malaysia.

The MSAF General Aviation Committee is to provide information and promote the interest of the general aviation sports community and foster its relationship with flying club members and other partners in the aviation industry.

The goal of the committee is to work in developing services relevant to general aviation to enhance the future of air sports in Malaysia.



We will interact proactively when possible and re-actively when required with agencies, organizations and individuals with healthy interests in the sport.

We will advance the positive awareness of paragliding to the public and cultivate a culture of open communication and transparency within the community

We will promote to develop a strong bonding in the community both locally and internationally.

We will support continuous learning, in part by providing an organizational framework for instructors and pilots for training and certifications.

We will support and assist the development of new and existing flying sites.

We continue to champion the efforts to maintain a high safety standards in the sport as well as introducing more programs to further protect the interests of our members such as insurance programs.



AEROVIONE is focused on addressing specific concerns and strategic projects in the Aviation sector in Malaysia and within the South East Asia region. Our main target is developing employable aviation personnel to meet the aviation industry needs. We collaborate with CAAM-approved training providers and potential employers as well as program sponsors to create a career-focused training program. For our pilot training program, we collaborate with the Czech Aviation Training Center – the only foreign CAAM approved training organization – in providing a complete pilot training program from Ab-initio to Type Rating. We also provide various other aviation training courses including cabin crew training and other aviation-related short courses. We continually develop our collaboration partners as we embark work towards our vision of being the premier Aviation Training Center in Malaysia and the region.