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Airspace for aviation sports and recreational in Malaysia managed by MSAF and governed by CAAM. Any sports and recreational activities need prior approval before any flight can be conducted.

Aerial activities

Aerial activities – such as the flying of kites/glider or unmanned aircraft (drone) – are becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia. When flown in the vicinity of an airport or airbase, they may become a hazardous distraction to pilots especially during take-off and landing of their aircraft. Depending on their size and composition, these objects may be ingested by aircraft engines. This may in turn endanger lives and cause harm to the property – in the air and on the ground.

source : CAAM


Frequently Ask Question

Any site operator/club/association involved in organizing air sports activities in the permitted area.

This form should be completed & signed and submit not later than eighteen (18) days before the activity date.

Each application is valid for one (1) activity and is applicable for one (1) location only.

Dates for this Airspace application shall be valid for a maximum of thirty (30) days only.

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Airspace Application

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