MSAF Membership

Categories of Members

Affiliates Members

  • Associations and Clubs registered with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) as Associations or Clubs directly involved in Sports, Recreational and General Aviation.
  • Companies registered with Registrar of Societies (ROS) as companies involved in aviation business, sports aviation, recreational aviation, manufacturing of aviation products, research, event management, promotions and marketing.

Association Members

Association representing members involved in activities such as Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots and Engineers would also be permitted to apply to be members under this category. Associate Membership Malaysian individuals representing a discipline of sports of recreation aviation not yet identified under matter above and foreign individuals. Associate members do not have any voting rights.

Honorary Members

Malaysian or Foreign individuals invited to join the Federation or the Committee as consideration that the individuals will contribute significantly towards the achievement of the Federation’s objectives and goals. The status of an Honorary Member can be revoked and will be reviewed during each Annual General Meeting by the Committee.


Currently MIGHT (Malaysia Industry-Government Group For High Technology, Prime Minister Department) and CAAM (Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia) are functioning as the main advisor to the Federation. They also act as the representatives from the Federation Government to the Federation.