Business Aviation and General Aviation (BAGA) Townhall

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On 27 January 2022, Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF) attended a Business Aviation and General Aviation (BAGA) Townhall at Hilton Petaling Jaya organised by Invest Selangor and Woman in Aviation Asia.

During the event, the Selangor Aviation Show 2021 report was presented and also there was a talk about the Selangor Aerospace Action Plan 2020-2030. The Selangor Aerospace Action Plan 2020-2030 was established through meetings and discussions with federal and state agencies as well as the broader aerospace community. According to the Malaysian Aerospace Blueprint 2030, key subsectors include MRO, aerospace manufacturing, systems integration also engineering and design. It also tries to address challenges beyond critical areas like business aviation and industry-wide issues.

Some of the planned funding initiatives include setting up a training programme with numerous technician training institutes in Selangor, sponsoring a common facility, and investment awards for capital. An exhibition booth from MSAF also has been set up to explain information about sports aviation to the exhibitors.