Pilot Information

Profile Picture
First Name
Hishamudin Bin A Ghaffar
Equipment photo (Glider)
Equipment photo (Engine)
License No.
Pilot Rating
Muhammad Alias Ikhsan

Administrative Info

Expiry date
Validation Status

Record Info

Date Updated
2022-07-08 16:29:33

In the event where emergency contact and insurance information is required, the information below was provided by the pilot for relevant perusal.

In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.)

I.C.E Contact Name
Sharifah Zahiah Binti Syed Hussein
I.C.E Phone No.
I.C.E Email
Insurance company
Insurance Policy Number
Insurance Contacts No.

Filing a complaint or reporting an incident / accident about pilot to the MSAF Committee for immediate action. Complaint or reporting email can be sent to the following recipients: –
Licensing Admin :