A Wing Built For Two

Tandem flights are a great introduction into the sport, or just something exciting to do (similar to skydiving or bungee jumping, only the rush lasts for the entire flight — and you can be in control). Tandems are also useful for beginner and intermediate pilots to brush up on skills, maneuvers, or thermaling technique.


Tandem paragliding flights involve a passenger being securely strapped into a comfortable flying harness positioned in front of the pilot and connected to the pilot and the glider by spreader bars. A tandem paraglider is specially designed to carry two people and is nearly twice the size of a regular solo paraglider.


Once this configuration is soaring, the pilot can easily talk to the passenger and explain how to control the paraglider. If the conditions are right and the passenger is willing, the pilot may turn the controls over to the passenger and let them experience what it is like to fly an unpowered craft. Bring your camera, because this is an experience you won’t ever forget! 


No Experience Needed

  • As a tandem paragliding passenger you do not require any previous knowledge of paragliding at all. Your pilot will brief you on everything you need to know shortly before the flight.

  • It is important that you listen to the instructions of the pilot and to have total confidence in his abilities.

  • Take offs are easy (just a few steps usually depending on wind conditions) and landings are generally soft (most often we land on large grassy fields with no obstacles or dangers.


Most frequent questions and answers for Tandem Paragliding
  • Closed shoes, preferably lace up shoes like sports shoes (required)

  • Long pants (recommended)

  • Long T-shirt (recommended)

  • Suncream, hat and sunglasses (recommended)

Anything from 5 to 30 minutes.

“5 minutes! That’s really short!”

We know and we agree. We like to have long flights as much as you do. However, paragliding is weather dependent and the duration of the flight depends on the amount of lift available at the time. This is constantly changing and flight durations vary throughout the day and from day to day.

If you want a guaranteed flight time then gliding is not for you.

  • Anyone can fly! 

  • Children under the age of 18 must be signed off by a parent or legal guardian.

  • If you have a medical condition that you think may affect your ability to come paragliding then please consult with your doctor beforehand.

  • You must weigh less than 110kg.

Tandem paragliding for reward can only be done by a certified Tandem Professional Pilots. Professional tandem paragliding can only be done on the basis that the flight is an instructional flight and therefore the pilot must either be a certified paragliding instructor or an assistant instructor with at least a T2 – Tandem professional Pilot Rating. Tandem Professional or also known as Tandem master, are required to provide you with their Paragliding Tandem Qualification/Licensed before conducting a tandem session or you can simply ask them just to be sure.

Depending on how much wind there during launch, the take-offs generally require just a few steps to get into the air. The less wind there is the more you will have to run. The most important thing to remember and often repeatedly reminded by the pilot is the phrase “DON’T SIT DOWN AND DON’T JUMP” right before your launch. Your pilot will make sure you are seated comfortably once you are flying. Landing sequence will vary depending on conditions and the pilot will give clear instructions a few minutes before landing approach started.

Tandem pilots have years of experience behind them and uses only the certified and safe paragliding equipment. Pilots make decisions based on their own safety as well as yours. Paragliding is inherently dangerous sport like any other sports.

YES you can!

Tandem paragliding pilots often equipped themselves with an outdoor action cameras such as GoPro so you could record a video of you and the panorama from all sorts of crazy angles while flying.

At the end of your flight you will be able to look through the photos and video and decide if you want to take them. If you do, your pilot will give you the video and you will be required to pay him directly (usually included in the package).

Please note that for any problems with your in-flight photos and video, this is strictly between you and your pilot and you will need to deal directly with him for all photo and video related issues.

Paragliding Tandem experience in Kuala Kubu, Selangor, Malaysia.

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