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Paragliding pilot directory in Malaysia


Sporting License

List of applicants for FAI sporting License holder


National Ranking

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Tandem Professionals/Tandem Master

List of certified Tandem Professional pilot in Malaysia

Tandem paragliding for reward can only be done by MSAF Paragliding Committee approved Instructors & Tandem Professional Pilots.

Professional tandem paragliding can only be done on the basis that the flight is an instructional flight and therefore the pilot must either be a certified paragliding instructor or an assistant instructor with at least a T2 – Tandem Professional Pilot Rating.

Tandem Professional or also known as Tandem Master, are required to provide you with their Paragliding Tandem Qualification/Licensed before conducting a tandem session or you can simply ask them just to be sure.

*We will be updating the list regularly 


Paragliding Instructor

List of Paragliding Instructor in Malaysia