Monday, March 16th, 2020


Message from the President

*updated as of 23:00, following to the Prime Minister’s announcement on Govt’s Restricted Movement Order

 between 18th-31st March 2020


Today’s latest news alerted us that COVID-19 outbreak status in Malaysia has increased exponentially to 553 infections and that is within the span of just a few days. According to the Ministry of Health, full containment of the epidemic is perhaps no longer a viable effort because the complexity and cooperations required from the general public to prevent or manage further spreading of this virus among the public.


MSAF has been vigilant in this matter and monitoring updates from the MOH (Ministry of Health Malaysia) and WHO (World Health Organization) on daily basis. Health and safety of the community is our priority and since the paragliding community is the most active in weekly gatherings and tandem paragliding activites, we are determined to continue being proactive with regards to the precautions in limiting the potential spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and several added measures are required to be taken.


The community is required to take the following measures :

1. To postpone all events and gatherings with immediate effect, in order to keep as minimal contact as possible between pilots and arbitrary participants to prevent any potential spread of COVID-19,

2. All paragliding sites are required to be closed until 31st March or until further notice from the Govt,

3. All tandem paragliding bookings are to be cancelled or postponed to future date when the crisis is over or as advised by the MOH,

4. Any pilots that plans or has subscribed to attend paragliding events locally or internationally, is required to avoid or cancels from attending it.


Please visit MOH official website to get the latest info about Coranavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Malaysia and we encourage you to be vigilant and take extra precaution for the health and safety of your own as well as others around you.


Thank you and we wish everyone a safe days ahead away from this public health calamity.



Captain Mohd Arif Ibrahim, MSAF President.

  MSAF Paragliding Committee

  #Your Community Connections