Get to know all current update in Paragliding Activities due to
covid-19 pandemic virus

official STATEMENT

March 16th 2020,
Statement on COVID-19 situation and the impact on upcoming paragliding activities & event.
May 3rd 2020,
Statement regarding the Economic Re-opening under MCO/PKPB for paragliding sector.
July 3rd 2020,
Statement for fully Re-opening of Paragliding sector under conditions throughout PKPP period
October 14th 2020,
MSAF statement regarding Paragliding activities during PKPB on the affected area

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Frequently asked questions

You can get further info & Frequently ask question on Government Movement Control Order (MCO) by visiting Prime Minister’s Office of Malaysia Official Website HERE 


Continue to visit Ministry of Health of Malaysia (MOH) official website HERE for further info.

The SOP that were provided are for everyone REFERENCE ONLY.

Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN) are currently reviewing which sports activity that are safe to be run during MCO.

This SOP are NOT acting as your flight permit for paragliding. It is only for your guideline to follow and you still NEED a permission from your local authority to fly.

Email us your questions at 

Or you can just reach out our head of regions to get more info  on paragliding sites in your area. Details are shown at info graphic below.

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